The Opportunity

Join our team of Independent Affiliates and discover just how easy it is to run your own e-lottery business on a part-time or full-time basis.

You can develop a useful part-time income, and there is a fantastic long-term, full-time business to be developed should you wish, promoting e-lottery products and services.

We offer a low-cost start-up with high residual commissions on player subscriptions, the opportunity to develop a sales team and earn rewards based on team volume generated from player subscriptions, a full Affiliate website back office and all the help and support you could want. There couldn't be an easier, more enjoyable way to work for yourself.

Millions of people play the UK National Lotto and/or the EuroMillions Lottery each week, and the e-lottery Syndicate System represents a brilliant sales product with easy repeat business from your players who will get used to the convenience and fun of playing the e-lottery way.


Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.


Here are the ways to develop an e-lottery business:

The Commission Plan is open to all Affiliates based on the achievement and maintenance of ongoing qualification criteria determined by e-lottery product and service sales volume. At the more senior ranks, the Commission Plan requires you not only to introduce your own personally gathered players but also to sponsor, train, support and develop new Affiliates to assist them to achieve their own objectives. And you will have help available to you from your own sponsor, your “upline” and the company. You can earn commission of three types:

Personal Player Volume (PPV) Commission

When you introduce players to the e-lottery Syndicate System you can qualify to receive a commission of 20% from the lottery subscriptions of
players you personally introduce.

Group Player Volume (GPV) Commissions

With your team of Affiliates also introducing players, you can qualify to earn 5% on the total player volume
in your group (excluding your personally introduced players who count toward PPV, as described above) up to and including seven levels, depending on your Affiliate rank and qualification in the Commission Plan.

Global Revenue Share

Once you start to develop a serious business, you can progress to the senior ranks in the Affiliate programme and earn additional bonuses based on the player-gathering activities of yourself and your team. These are designed to reward you for your support and efforts in assisting your team of Affiliates in their player-gathering activities.


By joining the e-lottery Affiliate Programme, you will have:

  • Your own business-management website with unique URL and guest login
  • Automated email ‘Prospector’, genealogy and other management and tracking tools
  • Online ‘statement’ to view your commissions and payments Affiliate news bulletin with success stories, events, news and business-building tips
  • A variety of payment methods available for people joining your business
  • Player and Affiliate testimonial movies Personal assistance from your sponsor and “upline”
  • Access to marketing materials including downloadable banners, flyers, and many other promotional tools
  • Easy-to-follow ‘getting started’ website
  • Multi-lingual customer service team offering live telephone support 6 days per week
  • In-person business training events and web conferences

How much does all of this cost?

Believe it or not, you can have all of the above – your very own online business – absolutely Free!


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